Tai Chi & Chi Kung

‘The only constant is change, but one must remain constant in change’

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are two mind-body practices that originated in ancient China.  Practiced widely in China for thousands of years, both Tai Chi and Chi Kung have become popular in the West.

This is partly due to the fact that people of almost any age or condition can learn them.

Many who practice Tai Chi and Chi Kung report heightened feelings of well being along with a variety of other health benefits.

What is Tai Chi?

It is a form of low-impact, weight bearing and aerobic - yet relaxing exercise.  It began as a martial art.  As it developed it took on the purpose of enhancing physical and mental health.  Practiced in a variety of styles, Tai Chi involves slow, gentle movements, deep breathing and what is described as ’moving meditation’.

Tai Chi improves the flow of energy through the body, leading to a range of benefits including:
Improved strength, conditioning, co-ordination and flexibility.

·         Improved balance

·         Enhanced Sleep

·         Greater awareness, calmness and overall sense of well being.

What is Chi Kung?

It is a series of postures involving regulated breathing and focussed meditation.

A unique feature of Chi Kung is its ability to train the mind to direct the body’s energy or ‘chi’ to any part of the body.

This assists in bringing the body to a natural state of balance.  Chi Kung relaxes the mind, muscles, tendons, joints and inner organs, helping to improve circulation, relieve stress and pain and restore health.

As with Tai Chi, a variety of benefits are linked to Chi Kung.  These include:

·         Greater stamina and vitality

·         Reduced Stress

·         Enhanced Immune System

·    Improved cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic and digestive function.

·        Lower Blood Pressure